How to successfully Determine the Costs associated with Delay

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  • 90 minutes

Contractors have faced very strictly"no damages for delay" clauses. Delay is one of the most common problems in construction projects resulting in construction disputes and claims. These delays can have a severe financial impact on the project. Therefore, determining the costs of delays is crucial to a construction project and its budget. When disputes erupt, delay claims may be filed, and then, knowing the process for submitting or reviewing delay claims, as well as how to approach modifying the contract becomes vital.

This webinar will go over Types of damages, Identifying and proving delays, the most acceptable methods &approaches to documenting impacts, as well as how to categorize and effectively implement these approaches to effectively present costs and delay claims. We will also discuss how project schedules are used and misused to support a party's position.

The webinar will be presented by an experienced instructor, who will provide the perspective of both, the contractor, who is typically responsible for developing and updating the project schedule, as well as the owner, who is typically responsible for reviewing and accepting the project schedule and evaluating requests for additional time.

Join this session by expert speaker Bill Haydt, where he will discuss the methods and importance of determining and documenting the Costs associated with Delays.

Session Highlights:

  • Overview of Project Delays

  • Defining Critical Path, Longest Path, and Float

  • The difference between Critical Path and the Longest Path

  • Overview of Critical Path

  • Float Overview

  • Total Float

  • Misconceptions

  • Who owns Float?

  • Contract Provisions

  • Relevant Contract Provisions

  • Standard Form Contracts

  • Excusable, Non-Compensable Delays

  • Excusable, Compensable Delays

  • Allowable Delay Costs

  • Delay Damages

  • Owner Actual and Delay Costs

  • Contractor Delay Costs Breakdown

  • Eichleay Formula

  • Documenting Delays

  • Acting on Delay Issues

  • Summary

Why You Should Attend:

Basically, delays are a net loss situation:  All the parties lose one way or the other and there are no real winners.  Reputations are at stake as well. By attending this webinar, you will learn why determining costs associated with delays is an essential project management tool. Reviewing contract provisions becomes important in case of delay claims. And, this process requires extensive documentation. You will learn both the processes. The session will also put light on how to adjust a price after the change of work is performed and construction costs best practices, tips, and abuses will also be covered in depth.

The webinar also provides construction professionals with an understanding of how to manage and protect the project time from a risk perspective.

Who Should Attend:

  • Construction Company Executives

  • Construction Project Managers 

  •  ConstructionContract Managers Trade Contractor Executives and Field Managers 

  •  Construction Attorneys 

  •  Architects and Engineers Involved in Construction

  • Contractors 

  •  Subcontractors 

  •  Presidents 

  •  Vice Presidents 

  •  Developers Project Owners

  •  All other construction professionals are interested in determining their project costs associated with delays.

You may ask your Question directly to our expert during the Q&A session.

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Bill  Haydt

Bill Haydt

  • Director and Shareholder at Trauner Consulting Services, Inc.

  • Provides Critical Path Method (CPM) schedule development, updating, and time extension preparation services to contractors, and CPM schedule review and time extension evaluation services to public and private owners

  • Qualified in federal court as an expert in construction scheduling and delay analysis; expertise lies in the areas of construction claims preparation and evaluation, development and review of critical path method (CPM) schedules, delay analysis, lost productivity, damages, and dispute resolution

  • Analyzed construction performance on a wide array of projects, including highways, bridges, airports, wastewater treatment plants, power plants, chemical process plants, government installations, pipeline systems, correctional facilities, hi-rise and low-rise structures, commercial facilities and residential housing units

  • Evaluated and helped resolve construction claims involving delay, inefficiency, acceleration and other impacts related to differing site conditions, design deficiencies, changes, and owner, designer and contractor performance through negotiation, mediation, arbitration and litigation

  • Certified and award-winning instructor for Federal Highway Administration’s National Highway Institute courses, including Managing Highway Contract Claims: Analysis and Avoidance

  • Presented dozens of seminars, webinars, and construction claims-related presentations across the country

  • B.S. degree in Civil Engineering, Drexel University

  • J.D. degree, Temple University James Beasley School of Law

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